Volkswagen Oil Change Service Thousand Oaks CA

Volkswagen Oil Change Service Thousand Oaks CA

Getting your oil changed is absolutely essential to your car’s short term and long term health. Some Volkswagens only need to have an oil change appointment once a year. Some are due for oil changes about once every three months. It all depends on the engine and oil type. Check your owner’s manual or call us to be sure of what your car needs. Anyway, regardless of how often you should have it done, getting your oil changed is vital.

But why is it so important? If your engine goes long enough with old oil or no oil at all, it will basically die. Any repairs to it will likely be beyond affordability, especially compared to a $20-$30 oil change. If your car is low on oil or past its oil change due date, schedule an appointment and let us take care of that for you. If you’re unsure of your oil levels, it’s easy to check. Pop open your hood and grab the dipstick. It usually has a circular handle. There is a line on the stick that indicates where your oil level should be. If the oil on the stick doesn’t reach that line, you need to add some.

Order authentic Volkswagen parts 

Oil changes aren’t some complex task that only experts can do. With a little bit of experience, you can do it yourself. Save a bit on labor costs and order your own parts for an oil change and do the work yourself. Lots of car owners love doing their own work and we applaud that. Got another job to get done? Order what you need. All Volkswagen parts are genuine and engineered for your specific model.

Services at Neftin Volkswagen 

Our mechanics and technicians can handle it all. From a routine oil change to an internal engine problem, our staff is on top of it. Some of our other offered services include coolant flushing, tire balancing, electrical service, alignment, and much more. Schedule an appointment online or give us a call at (855) 416-8566.