Oil, Fuel, and Air Filter Replacement Thousand Oaks CA

Your Volkswagen has several filters in it and they all need to be inspected and replaced regularly. Everything about replacing any car filter is standard procedure. Some filters you should have looked at routinely are ones for oil, fuel, and air. It’s important to make sure all of these filters are clear of debris so your car runs as smoothly as possible.

It should go without saying, but each filter serves a specific purpose. Your oil filter, which is typically replaced or cleaned during a basic oil change, helps to keep your engine clean by barring unwanted junk from disrupting the engine. The fuel filter protects your fuel tank from being invaded by debris that gets into the fuel chamber, and your air filter keeps your internal air conditioning system clean. Usually, filter replacements are inexpensive and easy to perform.

Order genuine Volkswagen parts

Lots of drivers enjoy doing their own work on their Volkswagen. Replacing a filter is something that anyone with some experience could do if they wanted to. Place an order for the filter or filters you need online and we will notify you when they arrive! This is a great way to save a little money on labor and it can be a nice way to spend a Saturday morning. All Volkswagen parts are authentic and specifically engineered for your model.

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The experienced and educated technicians on staff here at Neftin Volkswagen can handle anything. Whether you need a standard filter replacement or something more complex like electrical service, we’ve got you covered. Schedule a service appointment online or give us a call at (805) 273-8786.