Headlight Replacement Thousand Oaks CA

We can assure you that almost every car owner will have a burnt-out headlight sooner or later. What do bulbs do? They emit light and eventually use up all of their energy. Headlights will go out at some point, and if you’re reading this, it may be because one of yours has died. Changing an old headlight bulb can be tricky if you have never done it before, so let us spare you a headache.

The technicians in our service center have changed hundreds of headlights (and taillights, for that matter) over the course of their educational and professional careers. What might be confusing to you is easy as pie to them. Sure, your visibility is slightly diminished when a headlight goes out. But, more importantly, you are more difficult for other drivers to see at night or in the fog or rain. Schedule an appointment with us before you get pulled over and issued a citation.

Order your own genuine Volkswagen parts

If you totally know how to swap out your bulbs, save some money on labor costs and do the job yourself. Come down to Neftin Westlake Volkswagen and see if we have the right bulb for you. If not, we can order one and get you shining again as soon as possible. All Volkswagen parts are specifically engineered for your vehicle.

Services offered at Neftin Westlake Volkswagen

Years, and in some cases decades of experience have made our service staff members some of the best in SoCal. Whether you need a regularly scheduled oil change or some special electrical service, they will help. Are you hearing some weird rattling? Schedule an appointment and they will get it diagnosed and fixed in no time. Check out our online scheduler or give us a call today!