Car Battery Replacement Thousand Oaks CA

Even though it’s the engine that makes your Volkswagen go, you won’t be going anywhere with a damaged battery. Your car’s battery is what makes all lighting work and it is responsible for staring the engine. Without a battery, your car is useless.

Luckily, a car battery replacement or repair is fairly simple for our service technicians. Most standard batteries don’t cost more than a couple hundred dollars and a repair is even cheaper. Bring your Volkswagen in if you have experienced difficulty when starting or if you have noticed that your lights are all dimmer than usual. We will get the exact problem diagnosed and get you squared away in no time.

Order authentic parts from Neftin Volkswagen

Want to take care of your battery by yourself? Hey, that’s cool too! At least let us help you get the right one. You can order a battery online or at our service center and we will notify you when it arrives. You can also order any other parts you need, and rest assured that they are genuine and certified. Whether you need a new headlight bulb, brake pads, or anything else, we’ve got you covered.

Services at Neftin Volkswagen in Thousand Oaks CA

Our mechanics have years of experience under their belts. Whatever issue your Volkswagen has been experiencing, we will get it solved. We do basic oil changes and alignments as well as specialty services like brake repair, electrical service, and much more. Schedule an appointment with us and we promise to give you nothing but good, honest, hard work.