Hollywood Actors Discuss a Party Using App-Connect Infotainment in New VW Commercial

Who Are the Actors in the Volkswagen Party Commercial

Volkswagen certainly has a knack for putting out memorable ads and commercials. This was recently displayed in an advertising campaign for the new MIB II infotainment system, which allows for smartphone connectivity through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. One commercial contains a few familiar Hollywood faces discussing an upcoming party. As exciting as the technology may be, you probably aren’t the only one who has seen the commercial and asked, who are the actors in the Volkswagen party commercial?

The three actors are Adam Scott, Michael Pena and Christopher Mintz-Plasse, all of which have become well known through various roles on the big screen. As so often happens, you probably recognize their faces but couldn’t fit the face with a name or acting role.

Where do you recognize them from?

Who Are the Actors in the Volkswagen Party Commercial

Adam Scott

  • Parks and Recreation (TV)
  • Step Brothers (2008)
  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)
Who Are the Actors in the Volkswagen Party Commercial Michael Pena in VW commercial

Michael Pena

  • Fury (2014)
  • End of Watch (2012)
  • Shooter (2007)
who are the actors in the VW party commercial christopher mintz-plasse in vw commercial

Christopher Mintz-Plasse

  • Superbad (2007)
  • How To Train Your Dragon (2010, voice)
  • Year One (2009)

What is Volkswagen App-Connect?

Volkswagen App-ConnectSo what exactly is the App-Connect system that these actors are using in the Volkswagen party commercial? App-Connect allows for the integration of the Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink smartphone connectivity systems. Using these systems, drivers will be able to use apps from their smartphone through the vehicle’s touchscreen infotainment system, like navigation and phone calls. The new infotainment features will be available on all 2016 VW models except for the Touareg and Eos.

Learn more about VW’s new MIB II infotainment system

So now that you know who the actors are in the Volkswagen party commercial, are you thinking you may want to experience the next level of vehicle infotainment yourself? Then get in touch with us at Neftin Volkswagen so that we can help you learn more. You can also schedule a test drive right through our website. Staying connected on the road is now so easy thanks to these new VW infotainment features.