Volkswagen Rear Traffic Alert offers safety when you need it

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Volkswagen Rear Traffic Alert

Which Volkswagen models are available with Rear Traffic Alert?

Year after year, automakers are going above and beyond to make their vehicles safer than ever. With new technologies available to make avoiding accidents easier than ever, it’s no wonder that many drivers go out of their way to get behind the wheel of a model with a desired feature. One feature that drivers have been on the lookout for is the Rear Traffic Alert, a preventative feature that is available in select Volkswagen models.

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The Volkswagen models available with the Rear Traffic Alert feature include:

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volkswagen GTI exterior rearWhat is the Volkswagen Rear Traffic Alert?

In certain circumstances, drivers are left with a big question mark when it comes to backing up. Whether you’re surrounded by larger vehicles or the walls of your garage, having your vision obscured while you’re trying to back up can be a bit nerve-wracking. That’s where the Volkswagen Rear Traffic Alert system comes in.

With the Rear Traffic Alert feature in your Volkswagen vehicle, rear sensors are able to detect when another vehicle or pedestrian is crossing your path while in reverse. That way, when pulling out of a parking spot, your vehicle is able to sense when another car is coming and give you an audio warning. If you don’t react quickly enough, the vehicle will automatically apply its brakes to help avoid a collision.

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