yellow volkswagen arteon parked, people in background

What is replacing the Volkswagen CC? 

The luxurious Volkswagen CC satisfied drivers for years with its style and dependability. However, 2017 was the final year of production for the CC and it is being replaced by an upgraded luxury sedan. Volkswagen is often cited for its efficiency and practicality, but sometimes the company seems to get overlooked when it comes to luxury. The newest model in the lineup is looking to buck that trend. 

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2019 Volkswagen Arteon release date 

The 2018 model year will be vacant under the Volkswagen luxury sedan category (in the United States), but that doesn’t mean that the automaker will be without one for long. A 2018 version has been available overseas, but we Americans will have to wait a bit longer. Last year, Volkswagen unveiled designs for its new luxury car, the Arteon. While no exact date has been set, we expect the Arteon to hit dealerships around the globe by the summer of 2018. That may seem like a long way’s off right now, but it will be worth the wait. The CC was well-known for its design and the Arteon intends to build on those strengths. Volkswagen’s newest car has a design that rivals that of high-end auto manufacturers like Alfa Romero and Audi.

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2019 Volkswagen Arteon design 

You really just need admire the photos of the Arteon to understand its beauty. The car is aerodynamically contoured which helps its efficiency as well as its style. Throw in frameless windows and a slew of optional features and you have got yourself the prettiest looking Volkswagen around. You might think that the Arteon is just a beefed-up Jetta, but that is inherently false. The new Arteon’s elongated body and high-class interior make it something especially unique. 

volkswagen arteon interior, black seats, sun roof
silver volkswagen arteon driving on bridge

2019 Volkswagen Arteon trims 

As expected, the Arteon will come in three trim levels—Basis, R-Line, Elegance. Each one will contain its own special features that are tailored to suit certain preferences of drivers. Higher trim levels are expected to have multiple engine options.

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