What Is Included in Used Volkswagen 112-Point Inspection

Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen Models Endure a Rigorous 112-Point Inspection Before Hitting the Road

What Is Included in Used Volkswagen 112-Point Inspection

Buying a used vehicle can make many car shoppers nervous. After all, you don’t know where the car has been, what the previous owner has done to it or what hidden problems could be lurking inside waiting to get at your wallet. But when you buy a WorldAuto certified pre-owned model from a VW dealer like Neftin Volkswagen, you can have peace of mind. Not only do we provide you with any available CARFAX report, but we also put our pre-owned models through a rigorous 112-point inspection. So, what is included in the used Volkswagen 112-point inspection?

We simply don’t have room to list all 112 examinations and tests used vehicles go through at Neftin Volkswagen, but you can click the link below to see every little thing that gets looked at to ensure the vehicle is in optimal condition before you hit the road. You can also read on for a more general overview of our 112-point inspection process.

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Volkswagen Certified Pre-Owned Inspection Details

preparing used vehicle for saleThe inspection on a used vehicle from Volkswagen can be broken down into five areas.

  1. Exterior: You may think inspecting the exterior of the vehicle is just a way to make sure it looks pretty, but our 112-point inspection includes things like testing the remote trunk entry, taillights, wheels, windshield wipers and a whole lot more to make sure they are operating properly. 
  2. Interior: Though we do make sure the interior of any WorldAuto pre-owned model from Neftin Volkswagen meets our optimal standards, we also examine key safety components in the vehicle. Features such as air bags and seat belts are all part of our interior examination. 
  3. Road Test: Of course, simply going through the interior and exterior of the vehicle to ensure everything is how it should be isn’t quite enough. We also do a road test with these vehicles, testing things like the transmission, cruise control, parking brake, throttle and the overall driving feel, in addition to much more. 
  4. Mechanical: Next up is the mechanical side of things, where your used vehicle has such features like the air filter, water pump, electrical system and battery system all OK’d by our qualified service technicians. We also check the engine codes. 
  5. Under Body: Last of all is the under-body portion of the vehicle, where qualified VW technicians inspect components like the frame, drive axles, suspension, brake pads, tire wear and more. 

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As you can see from what is included in the used Volkswagen 112-point inspection, our WorldAuto certified pre-owned models go through a lot of testing before they’re approved as fit for sale and driving. Contact us at Neftin Volkswagen should you have any questions regarding the quality of our used vehicles.

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