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What 2018 Volkswagen models have Apple CarPlay?

As modern drivers, most of us expect, or even demand to be as connected as possible behind the wheel. By ‘connected’ we mean in touch with personal messaging, navigation, and entertainment. Of course, there are safety concerns when it comes to technology and connectivity. How does Apple CarPlay work? What Volkswagen vehicles are compatible with it? Let’s explore the answers to those questions. 

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How does Apple CarPlay work? 

CarPlay has become one of the most popular infotainment-type car systems in the world. Compatible vehicles allow you to plug your phone in with a USB cord. Once plugged in, tap the CarPlay icon on the car’s monitor and you will see your familiar Apple interface. Drivers can safely access apps for communication, mapping, and entertainment. You can control everything on Apple CarPlay by either using the touchscreen, Siri or steering wheel controls. Apple CarPlay is designed to keep you connected but in a safe way that prevents you from using your actual iPhone. 

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2018 Volkswagen vehicles with Apple CarPlay 

We’ll cut right to it. Every Volkswagen model in the 2018 lineup is compatible with Apple CarPlay except the Touareg. Why is the Touareg the only oddball? We’re not sure, but we do know that every other model offers an immersive driving experience by utilizing Apple CarPlay. That means that the 2018 Jetta, Passat, Tiguan, Atlas, Beetle, and Golf models all come with Apple CarPlay. 

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Will future Touareg models have Apple CarPlay? 

The Touareg is a great ride, but if you really want Apple CarPlay, you’re not going to think much of the Touareg. If you love the SUV enough, you might be holding out hope that future models will feature the connectivity perks. The answer is: it’s possible. We currently have no way of knowing, but there is definitely a chance that Apple CarPlay gets implemented in next year’s model.  

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