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Ways you can prevent auto theft

One of the biggest nightmares of car owners is getting their vehicle stolen. You put literally tens of thousands of dollars into your car, so you want to be sure that it’s safe no matter what. There will always be criminals who are looking to break into your car or even steal it for themselves. While the odds of that happening are relatively low, there are still some easy things you can do to prevent your car from being stolen.

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Keep track of your keys

Keep your keys in one of your front pockets or your purse if you carry one. If you’re wearing a jacket, it’s okay to keep your keys in your jacket pocket, but remember to keep them with you if you take it off. Thieves might look for car keys and other valuables at coat racks, so keep anything of value on your person.

Secure your car

This should be intuitive, but many car break-ins happen because the doors or windows were not locked. So, is it really a “break in” then? Okay, that’s just semantics. Many car thieves are just looking for an unlocked car that might have valuables inside. Obviously, it’s harder to get into a locked car, so just make sure everything is locked up after you park.

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Keep only necessities in your car

Don’t leave your 24-carat gold, diamond-studded Rolex on your dashboard. You shouldn’t keep anything of extreme value in your car. That means monetary value and sentimental value. Any item that is of utmost importance to you is better off at home. Laptops, jewelry, and cash are screaming to potential thieves as they walk by your car.

Park in the light

Sometimes this is unavoidable, but it’s best to park in well-lit areas when possible. Light deters criminals because there is a better chance they will get caught. Find a parking lot with working light posts or a street that isn’t too secluded.

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