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Are There Any VW Commercial Vehicles Available in the US

VW Commercial Vehicles Available in the US

News agency Bloomberg recently reported that Volkswagen’s commercial vehicles may be making a return to the US. Bloomberg’s report stated that a VW representative said in a press conference that the option is being looked into. Will we soon see VW commercial vehicles available in the US?

Volkswagen could consider entering both the pickup and van segments for the US market, which could add to the already great list of VW vehicle options available. Which specific models might be released in the US is currently unknown, but there are some exciting vehicles in Europe that we would love to see on this side of the pond.

The VW Crafter and Caddy commercial vans are some models that have gained particular popularity. For pickups, VW has the Amarok, which seamlessly brings VW’s classic design language to the truck.

The Transporter commercial van is another model that has gained attention. The model recently caused a buzz around the Internet after a sketch of the sixth generation Transporter, T6, made the rounds ahead of its April 15 reveal in Europe.

Which one of these vehicles, if any, will make the trip over to the US in the future is still a mystery. Frankly, we would welcome any of them.

Currently, however, Volkswagen does have some powerful model options available in the US. The Tiguan sporty SUV is capable of 200 horsepower with a still impressive 26 highway mpg. Then there is the Touareg, which can deliver up to a whopping 333 horsepower through its available hybrid engine. It is also available with a 280 horsepower V6.

For now, we will keep our eyes and ears open for more news about any developments regarding VW commercial vehicles available in the US, so remember to check back. See the currently available VW models in our inventory or contact us at Neftin Volkswagen with your questions.