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Volkswagen Wheel Alignment near Thousand Oaks, CA

The Importance of a Wheel Alignment for Your Volkswagen Vehicle

One service we may not always think about for your Volkswagen vehicle is a wheel alignment. While some may not know, having this service done to your Volkswagen model has a wide range of benefits. For more information on the service, continue reading:

What’s a Wheel Alignment?

For those who aren’t sure what a wheel alignment is, the service essentially measures and adjusts your vehicle’s tires to line up correctly. As you drive long distances, your tires can become misaligned due to a shift in your shocks or jolting impacts, either from a buildup of hit potholes or curbs. Once this happens, your vehicle can have a number of issues. This includes uneven tire wear and poorer fuel economy.

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A rear tire alignment on a white sedan.

When Do I Need a Wheel Alignment Service?

How do you know when to have a wheel alignment? There can be a few noticeable changes to your vehicle. To avoid the issues listed above, you should investigate your vehicle if you come across the following issues:

  • Abnormal wearing of tires
  • Slight drifting or favoring to one side
  • Cooked steering wheel or difficult handling
  • Squealing noises

While it may sound like a simple fix, you won’t be able to solve the problem yourself. Experienced mechanics can help – such as the ones at Neftin Volkswagen. Many use an alignment machine that measures and adjusts your vehicle’s tires to a precise degree. Mechanics will use specific terms to identify what portion of your tire was misaligned. These include:

  • Camber: Inward or outward shift in your tires from a front-back view
  • Toe: Inward or outward shift in your tires from the top-down view
  • Caster: Angle created by the pivot point of the tire or steering axis

Schedule Your Wheel Alignment Service at Neftin Volkswagen

If you have concerns about your vehicle’s tire alignment or want more information on the service, let us know at Neftin Volkswagen. Plus, we offer service specials every month, so be sure to check out our page to find deals on select service specials. Schedule one with us today to get the most out of your vehicle!

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