Enjoy the Volkswagen Experience With the Benefits of Manual Transmission Driving

By Product Expert | Posted in Stories of Interest on Thursday, December 31st, 2015 at 6:29 am
Volkswagen Models With Manual Transmission

Volkswagen Models With Manual Transmission

It may seem like manual transmissions are going extinct, and have been for decades, but this rule doesn’t apply so much to Volkswagen. We still believe in some of the pure aspects of driving, and that is why we’re happy there are so many Volkswagen models with manual transmission.

2016 vw golf with manual transmissionSo without keeping you waiting any longer, here is a list of Volkswagen models that are offered with a manual transmission. Keep in mind that this list is updated to the 2016 model year. Take a look or contact us at Neftin Volkswagen to learn more about their availability.

  • Jetta
  • Beetle
  • Beetle Convertible
  • Golf
  • Golf GTI
  • Golf R
  • Golf SportWagen
  • CC

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As  you can see, Volkswagen drivers in the U.S. have plenty of options to choose from should they want a manual transmission. Those who want some of the benefits of a manual, but don’t know how to drive with one, can still choose between the many VW models offering the DSG transmission with Tiptronic shifting mode.

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Advantages to Driving With a Manual Transmission

So why would you want to choose one of these manual transmission options over an automatic. Well, here are a few reasons why a stick shift might be the better option for some drivers.

  1. More control in adverse weather conditions or when you don’t have much traction.
  2. A possible theft deterrent (if the thief can’t drive a stick shift).
  3. The potential for a little better fuel economy.
  4. It’s just plain fun.

So now that you’ve seen how many Volkswagen models have manual transmission, consider VW for your next stick-shift model. If you haven’t learned how to drive with a manual transmission, seeing how many great VW models come with a manual transmission might just be a good enough reason to learn. You won’t regret it.

13 Responses to “Enjoy the Volkswagen Experience With the Benefits of Manual Transmission Driving”

  1. Benjamin says:

    I bought one of your older model cars used, and it has serious problems with its transmission.
    I wonder if vw makes quality vehicles anymore?
    If I became an owner of a new Volkswagen would I be owning a vehicle I can depend on for at least 20 years?
    How long is the expected life of your vehicles?
    I don’t mean to be rude just a little disappointed and looking for something worthwhile.

    • Kimmy says:

      Hey Benjamin!

      As a VW owner myself, I can assure you that despite the negative events that have happened (which probably may have affected how you view the company) over the past couple months/years, the quality is still top notch. My family is a VW fanatic and our 2008 GTI is still alive and kicking. It simply depends on how it is being used. Take care of the car and it will take care of you. Perhaps you should buy something brand new just to make sure you get no problems. With second hand vehicles, you never know what these cars have been to. I hope you find your car match! ^^

  2. Steve Saint says:

    You missed one of the benefits of a manual transmission. I believe they are safer due to the fact you can’t be texting etc. while shifting at the same time. A manual transmission simply requires you to be more engaged in the driving process so you are more focused on what you are doing.

    • Mary Barnes says:

      I can text no problem while driving my manual transmition. It’s not legal or safe, but it can easily be done. 😂

    • Ms. McCoy says:

      I am so happy to hear other drivers of manual transmission cars address the usefulness of them. As a mature woman, I truly appreciate the control I feel when I drive my 2014 6 speed Mustang. I love it!! I am shocked at the number of men who do not know how to drive a stick shift. The safety issues related to driving a stick shift can never be minimized. In my opinion, it makes driving fun and keeps me alert.

  3. vert enviro says:

    why the fuck is the manual transmission so hard to get. what is wrong with this country

    • Ms. McCoy says:

      People have gotten lazy and have lost that pure passion of driving a manual transmission. How sad! I don’t care. I am searching for my 2nd manual transmission car, a Volkswagen Beetle convertible.

  4. Jabet says:

    I just purchased a 2014 vw beetle with manual tranny a little nervous but excited I haven’t driven one since 96 it was a ‘ve golf I loved it so I hope it’s like riding a bike. I get it in 2 weeks woot woot

  5. Janeine says:

    It’s so sad. Trying to find something to fit my growing family and be able to take my dogs out without having to abandon my manual transmission. I’m dreading the day that I have to walk away from it. I’ve had 3 different cars (One was a truck), all of them were manual. I want to teach my children how to drive a stick. It’s nice being able to get into any vehicle and be able to drive away without blinking. I hardly know anyone who doesn’t know how to shift and those who don’t I have taught. It’s so easy and so convenient.

  6. Betty says:

    MT keeps you awake. If you know how to drive efficiently, you nearly always get better fuel efficiency with MT–but it can be more fun to be extravagant, too. Automatics are dangerous; can put you to sleep on a long trip. AT also gives you fewer choices, especially when you get stuck in the snow or mud.

    I just returned from Europe. Saw so many cars I’d like to have here, but can’t since fuel is different, or I’d have to refuel at an airport. Automatics cost $800 to $2000 more than Manuals, and Americans don’t like to negotiate for prices or features; so dealers only carry AT for most models–VW is an exception, but with base models only. I can get almost any VW model with manual transmission except Touareg [yes, it’s still available outside US, but automatic only.] We don’t do AT.

  7. Mazi Emdi says:

    I just bought a 2016 CC R-Line!!! YaY!!
    but….get this ….. with A mAnuAl transmission!!!
    i and i simply love it!!! love it!!!

    i daily over 80+miles a day to and from work…. the drive is the best part, needlesstosay.

  8. Linda says:

    Perhaps you and I can’t change gears and text, but when I was in Bogota in 2017, my very young cab driver shifted gears (almost everything has manual transmission there), texted, weaved in and out of traffic and about everything else you could think of, all while driving! I made sure that I had an older driver on my trip back to the hotel. He was very nice though. They are very gracious people.

  9. Kathy carr says:

    Can you get a new convertible vw with manual transmission? Can you get one in Europe?

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