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Volkswagen Car-Net® new features

For those unfamiliar with VW Car-Net®, let’s give a quick rundown. Basically, VW Car-Net® is an infotainment system that allows drivers and passengers alike to access things like music and navigation, and also services like roadside assistance and advanced fuel monitoring. Systems like these offer us a safe way to stay connected at all times and they are incredibly convenient. Well, as of last month, VW Car-Net® has received even more features that will be available on new models and updated versions of the system. Check them out below. 

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What’s new with VW Car-Net®? 

Curfew Alert 

This is a great new feature that is especially practical for parents with teenagers in the house. When activated, VW Car-Net® will alert you via text or email when your car is being driven past a predetermined curfew time set by you. If your kid tries to take the car out after 11:00, VW Car-Net® will let you know what’s happening to keep you aware at all times.

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Valet Alert 

For some peace of mind (or chaos if it goes off), Valet Alert will send you a text or email when activated and if your car moves more than one-fifth of a mile from its designated parking space. Options can be edited beforehand on the Volkswagen’s touchscreen display. 

Parking Information 

This makes it easier to find off-street parking. Using the vehicle’s Navigate tab, you can locate nearby parking locations or you can enter a point of interest and the system will locate parking near that. This is a huge plus for people living in larger cities. 

Existing standard and available VW Car-Net® features 

The new features listed above will join another long list of great technologies already present on VW Car-Net®. These include remote controls of lights, locks, and the horn, navigation, emergency calling, vehicle location assistance, and vehicle diagnostics. 

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