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Road trip car games

Packing the family up for a long drive across the state or across the country is always an interesting experience. They say the journey is sometimes better than the destination, and in many cases that is true. In many more cases, the journey can be super boring, especially for young ones. If you’ve ever driven through the plains of Nevada, New Mexico, Nebraska, or wherever, you know that the road can get quite long and bare. Wouldn’t it be cool to have some games to play to pass the time? 

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Alphabet game 

For car games, simplicity is usually key. The alphabet game involves exactly what you’re thinking—letters. Whichever side of the car you’re on corresponds to the side of the road you get to take letters from. Excluding license plates, call out every time you see a letter, starting with “A”. Whoever can honestly yell out all 26 letters in alphabetical order first wins. 

Name game 

This is a fun one that requires more thought. Start with any name e.g. Alex. Someone else then needs to say a name that starts with the last letter of the previous name. In this example, you could say “Xavier.” Then the next name could be Ryan, then Nate, Edward, Doug, Gwen, etc. You can also use categories like baseball players. Start with “Hank Aaron,” and you can go to Nolan Ryan, Nick Swisher, Randy Johnson, and so on. 

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20 Questions 

A classic one, 20 questions is a guessing game that requires the ability to put clues together. Have one person think of an object. The other person or persons get 20 yes-or-no questions to try to figure out what they are thinking of. If they can’t figure it out within 20 questions, the person answering wins. 

Plate initials 

If you’re in the middle of nowhere, this one will be tough to play. Simply find another car’s license plate and make up something funny for the initials. “TLP” could stand for “tiny loud penguins”. No doubt this will keep the young kids entertained, at least for a little while. 

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