Benefits of owning an SUV

Benefits of owning an SUV

Sports utility vehicles have become more popular than ever imagined. They are as durable as anything on the road, they look good, and they can go just about anywhere. They generally aren’t great on gas mileage, but SUVs make up for that with large seating capacities, high safety ratings, and long lifespans. Read on to see three reasons why owning an SUV might be right for you. 

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Reasons to own an SUV 

1.) Seating 

As we said before, the seating capacity is always a plus when considering an SUV. The large seating capability is something that cars and trucks generally can’t offer. Sure, minivans also have plenty of seating, but if you want the seats and the style, an SUV is definitely the way to go. 

2.) Towing ability 

Yes, you can tow small things with a car. No, you won’t have as much towing capacity with a car as you would an SUV. While a typical SUV won’t have the towing capacity of a souped-up pickup truck, it will be able to tow much more than your average car. So does the idea of being able to pull a boat or trailer without having to fill a truck up with diesel fuel intrigue you? Again, an SUV might be your kind of vehicle. 

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3.) Safety 

We all want a safe vehicle, for ourselves and for our family. SUVs are raised higher from the ground than most cars. This effective, albeit simple difference allows SUVs to drive over small debris and avoid any structural damages. Additionally, many SUVs feature a front grill for added protection. This grill can protect the engine as well as the cab from frontal impacts. It takes the hit and disperses the shock so that less damage occurs throughout the vehicle.

Why buy an SUV
Reasons to buy an SUV

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