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Pet Adoption Centers near Thousand Oaks, CA

Local Pet Adoption Groups and Centers in the Thousand Oaks, CA to Find Your Companion

February has many great national holidays, including a wide variety for your pets. But during the current climate of the nation, you may be feeling a little lonely or in need of furry friends. If you’ve started doing research on adding to your family with a pet, Neftin Volkswagen associates invites you to check out these great pet adoption centers in the Thousand Oaks, CA area:

Valley Cats Inc.

As one of the primary volunteer cat rescue organizations in the Thousand Oaks area, Valley Cats Inc.  works with rescues and finds them a loving home. Placing an emphasis on medical health, the group can be a great resource for adopting or assisting cats and kittens in need of a loving home.

Paw Works

A group that began in 2014, Paw Works was founded to make Ventura County a “No Kill” environment for unwanted and rescued pets. With its early success, it was able to accomplish the task, now taking in over 1,600 abandoned animals to find them loving homes. They allow for adoption, volunteer work, as well as fostering at their location east of Newberry Park in Thousand Oaks.

Save a Rescue

Less of a location and more of a hub for rescued animals, Save a Rescue has a location in our Thousand Oaks area! As a charitable organization, the group compiles and helps advertise more than 22,000 pets across the US and Canada. If you’re working remotely or intend to move to an area and want to find a pet, Save a Rescue is a great place to start your search.

Shelter Hope Pet Shop

Created to aid shelter pet adoptions, promote education, and bring awareness to the cause, the Shelter Hope Pet shop is yet another place to start your search. Located north of Ventura Freeway, the volunteer-based shelter brings in abandoned and rescued pets. It’s a great place to help out the cause or foster a pet. Like other shelters, they are appointment-only for one-on-one meetings.

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