exterior design on the vw t-prime concept gte

Volkswagen Unveils Plug-In Hybrid SUV Concept at 2016 Beijing Auto Show

New Volkswagen Plug-In Hybrid SUV Concept Specs

Volkswagen has been producing some great concept models lately, and now they have another one called the T-Prime Concept GTE. This new Volkswagen plug-in hybrid concept’s specs certainly are impressive, leaving us hoping that we might see a similar production model at some point in the future.

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vw t-prime powertrain specs and layout designVW T-Prime Electric Range

Like we said, the T-Prime is a plug-in hybrid model. It comes equipped with a 134 horsepower electric motor that produces up to 258 lb-ft of torque paired with a gasoline engine that puts out 248 horsepower and 273 lb-ft of torque. This all comes together for a combined system horsepower of 375 and combined system torque of 516 lb-ft.

The true goal of this hybrid SUV concept is impressive efficiency, and it certainly achieves that goal with a combined NEDC fuel consumption of 87 mpg. That said, if the vehicle needed to operate purely on electric power, it could do so for up 31 miles.

VW T-Prime Driving Modes

Though drivers probably wouldn’t want to be operating purely on electric power for long, the T-Prime does have the capability to give drivers just the driving experience they desire. Three different driving modes, E-Mode, Hybrid and GTE, allow the vehicle to be as versatile as possible.

E-Mode is used when the vehicle first starts up, but Hybrid mode will automatically take over once the accelerator reaches a certain pressure point. But that’s not all, as the T-Prime is also built for sporty driving with the GTE mode, which adjusts the accelerator, steering and gearbox to be even sportier.

Curved Interaction Area on the VW T-Prime Concept GTE

Switching between these modes can be done through a touchscreen in the vehicle that is part of the concept’s Curved Interaction Area. This feature combines both the Active Info Display with digitalized instruments and the infotainment display. The Curved Interaction Area stretches across the area in front of the driver for easy use. According to Volkswagen, this is a preview of the future of vehicle cockpits, which should be arriving as soon as 2017.

curved interaction area touchscreen displays in vw t-prime concept gte

Unfortunately, we can’t share every detail about the new Volkswagen plug-in hybrid concept specs, but Volkswagen has said that a production model in the same spirit of the T-Prime Concept GTE is expected to be produced. This goes along with a new SUV line that also includes a new Tiguan, a new midsize SUV, a Touareg and two smaller SUVs, one being in the Golf class and the other being in the Polo class. Be sure to stay tuned to the Neftin Volkswagen blog for more details.

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