how to wax your car

How to wax your car

Owning a car has one real purpose—getting from A to B. But why not get from A to B and look good while doing it? You can wash your car until the paint wears away, but if you don’t wax it, your car still won’t look quite as fresh as it could. Continue reading to learn a few easy steps to hand and machine waxing your car.

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How to hand wax your car 

Feeling a little old school? No problem! Follow these five easy steps to make your car sparkle and look new again. 

1.) Make sure your car is dry. Droplets of water on the car will cause the wax to streak and will be unnecessarily hard to remove. 

2.)  Apply car wax in the shade. If done in the sun, the wax could dry too quickly and it may become too difficult to buff off. 

3.) Make it thin! Apply the thinnest coat you possibly can! Apply one thin coat, buff it off, then apply another extremely thin coat if you think it is necessary. Poly foam wax applicators are the best for applying a thin, even coat. 

4.) A high-quality microfiber towel will buff your paint to a beautiful shine as you remove the residue. The static-charged, woven fibers grab waxy residue so there is less dusting. Rotate your towel frequently to reveal a clean side. Keep an extra microfiber towel lying around in case the first one becomes overwhelmed with wax. If you do get streaks, just apply a detail spray, buff it, and voilà, you have a shiny new coat on your car. 

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How to machine wax your car 

Are you a guy or gal who prefers to let machines do the dirty work? Awesome! Why should you work hard on your day off? Here are some steps to waxing your car with a powered waxer. 

1.) Select your foam finishing pad to apply the wax. The pad should be soft and absorbent buyt also firm enough to take on the machine’s pressure. 

2.) If using a paste wax, spread it onto the pad. If using a liquid wax, dispense three three-inch lines of wax around the pad’s edge. 

3.) Set the polisher to a maximum speed of three. Firmly hold the polisher to the car and turn it off before lifting it off the paint. 

4.) Buff with microfiber. If your wax can be applied to the entire vehicle before buffing, you might prefer the machine method.

waxing your car
how to wax a car

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