get in your vw without a working key fob

Can you get in your VW when your key fob is dead?

How to get in your Volkswagen with a dead key fob

Key fobs make getting in your VW simple, easy, and even fun, but what happens when that reliable key fob doesn’t work? Are you just stuck on the outside of your VW looking in? No you are not, and we can help you learn how to get in your Volkswagen with a dead key fob.

Is there a keyhole to get inside your Volkswagen?keyhole cover on a VW

VW made things simple when they designed your Volkswagen and its key fob. Depending on your model, you may or may not be aware that there is a key inside your key fob. Certain models, namely the Touareg and the CC have a hidden plastic key that you will have to pop out using a small button on the side of the fob.

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Now you have a key, but where is the keyhole? Auto designers are excited that they no longer have to leave an unsightly keyhole on the doors of the car, but with a VW that keyhole is still there, it’s just out of sight.

At the back edge of your door handle is a little plastic cap. Believe it or not, this cap pops off to reveal a key hole right where you would expect it to be. On the underside of this cap is a little notch that you can fit your key into to help pop off the cap, just take care not to scratch the paint in the process. If you have any further questions here is a video from VW that should help explain all this.

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What to do with a key fob that’s dead?

There is a small battery inside your key fob that resembles a watch battery. In fact, you can get a replacement almost anywhere that carries watch batteries. Usually there is a cover that you can pop off with a flat head screwdriver to replace the battery. If you are uncertain during the process, then simply take it to your local VW dealer and let them take care of it for you.

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