What Hybrid or Electric Vehicles Does Volkswagen Make?

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Does Volkswagen Sell a Hybrid Car?

Does Volkswagen Sell a Hybrid Car?

Drivers who want to save on fuel but are concerned about driving longer distances in an electric vehicle may decide that a hybrid model is their best option. This leads many drivers to wonder, does Volkswagen sell a hybrid car? Can you still get hybrid technology blended with Volkswagen’s quality engineering?

Currently, Volkswagen does not offer a hybrid model here in the United States. After the 2016 model year, Volkswagen discontinued its Jetta Hybrid model, and the Touareg Hybrid SUV was discontinued before that. So, unless you’re able to find these models used or somehow stumble across a new one, there currently is no hybrid Volkswagen available.

That doesn’t mean more won’t be released. In fact, it seems as though Volkswagen is still working on hybrid technology, based on the fact that the manufacturer unveiled an exciting plug-in hybrid SUV concept at the 2016 Beijing Auto Show. And, for any information regarding a new hybrid VW, we’ll definitely keep you updated on the Neftin Volkswagen blog.

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vw e-golf front grille fascia designDoes Volkswagen Sell an Electric Car?

So, if you can’t get a hybrid VW at this particular moment, maybe you’ll be interested to check out an electric model? In this case, Volkswagen does sell an electric car, and it’s called the e-Golf.

Though some drivers would prefer a hybrid vehicle over an electric so that they can have a longer range, you might want to learn a little bit more about the e-Golf before writing it off. That’s because the e-Golf has an impressive electric range of 83 miles, and in case you were wondering, that comes out to 126 city and 105 highway MPGe.

That should be more than enough charge for you to complete your daily commute to and from work, as well as do some evening errands. Depending on how far you drive to work, you may even get multiple days out of a single charge before having to charge up. When you do have to recharge, you can just plug it in overnight when you get home and it’s ready to go in the morning. If you need to charge quicker, there is an available Bosch home kit that can charge the e-Golf in less than four hours.

vw e-golf charging

So, does Volkswagen sell hybrid vehicles? Right now, they don’t, but with electric capabilities from the e-Golf zero-emissions driving is now more convenient than ever. Should rumors of a future VW hybrid model come true, however, we’ll let you know right here.

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