Leather vs V-Tex Leatherette Seats

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Difference Between Leather and V-Tex Leatherette Seats leather vs v-tex leatherette

Difference Between Leather and V-Tex Leatherette Seats

If you’ve done your homework prior to determining your Volkswagen of choice, you may have noticed that many VW models come with the option of V-Tex leatherette seats. Often times, the option is between either cloth or V-Tex leatherette, but models like the Passat and Tiguan also allow you to decide between the V-Tex leatherette and a true leather option. What is V-Tex leatherette anyway, and what is the difference between leather and V-Tex leatherette seats? Read on to find out.

In short, V-Tex is a type of synthetic leather, giving it certain qualities that are not capable with real leather. Those who love their cloth seats, can enjoy the comfortable fabric and don’t have to worry about choosing between V-Tex leatherette and actual leather.

The rest of us, however, must decide between the two. So, first, what are the benefits of choosing a leatherette or leather seating surface? For one, many drivers feel they provide a softer surface, with leather potentially becoming even softer as time goes by. They can also be easier to clean, as spills may not soak into the material as easily or quickly.

There are differences between the two materials, though. One of the biggest differences between leather and V-Tex leatherette seats are the price, with leatherette being available for less of the cost. By providing the option for V-Tex leatherette, Volkswagen offers the same type of luxury comfort at a highly affordable price.

No doubt, it’s difficult to replicate that pleasant aroma that often accompanies leather, and those drivers who really know the look and feel of leather may prefer genuine leather seats. Others, however, will enjoy the low-cost option provided through V-Tex leatherette. In addition, leatherette tends to be more durable and require less care, though leather that is properly cared for can have a long and healthy life as well.

In truth, it all comes down to personal preference. Thankfully, Volkswagen offers both options in order to meet the needs and budgets of all VW drivers. Now that you know the difference between leather and V-Tex leatherette seats, why not come try them out for yourself by scheduling a test drive at Neftin Volkswagen. You can also view VW models that offer both leather and V-Tex leatherette seating in our new model inventory.

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10 Responses to “Leather vs V-Tex Leatherette Seats”

  1. David Roberts says:

    We love the leatherette seats in our new Passat easy to clean and no worries about spills like cloth they are just great

  2. painter33 says:

    The only two comments are price and spill clean-up? What about resistance to tearing and scarring? How easily can one be re-sewn vs. the other in case of seams opening? Have you spoken with an auto interior specialist? Anyone with a medium- to large-size dog would be sensitive to the sturdiness of the leatherette vs. leather. I have both (one each in two Audis) and the genuine leather has worn like iron compared to the faux leather, in which there are small rips from the dogs nails from just jumping into the backseat. The leather seat is completely unaffected by the dog other than dirt that can be easily cleaned with a little warm soapy water and then conditioner. Any article that purports to offer information that can affect a decision should be well researched before being published, and this one is very short on data or other differences between the two choices.

  3. Jack says:

    If you smoke, or you spouse smokes, or a passenger smokes, watch out! Without going into whether you should be smoking to begin with in your nice new VW, I will tell you that the tiniest little hot ash will make an ugly 1/4 burn mark in leatherette. This may be true of all covers but I believe if someone accidentally lets an ember fall onto velour, or leather, or some other material you have a split second to brush it off before it does bad damage. Not true of leatherette. I know VW will never address this because the PC world we live in will see this as a deterrent. That’s fine. I’m just warning smokers, buy a pad or put a towel down or something.

  4. louise kahle says:

    i am happy that you offer faux leather
    being an animal welfare advocate
    no dead animal for me!

  5. Marlena Z says:

    What about the gear shift and steering wheel? For example in the 2015 Bug are they also leatherette?

  6. Sidheeq says:

    What about the wraps in gear knob and steering wheel?I love the way.good going Volkswagen Vegans can easily choose non-leather

  7. Sharon Allen says:

    Can you Scothguard leathetette?

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  9. loan says:

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