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Fuel Efficiency In a 2021 Volkswagen Atlas

Wednesday, August 12th, 2020
The front and side view of a gray 2021 Volkswagen Atlas parked at a family home.

Fuel Efficiency Inside Each Engine in a 2021 Volkswagen Atlas

Are you looking for a comfortable and high-tech three-row SUV with plenty of space? Check out the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas, which offers a premier experience without the luxury price. Even with its upgrades and impressive size, the model remains a stalwart on the road as an efficient option. But how fuel-efficient is the 2021 VW Atlas? At Neftin Volkswagen, we look to see how well the model performs on the road.


What Technology is New to the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas?

Tuesday, July 14th, 2020
A gray 2021 Volkswagen Atlas parked at a house with the family walking towards it.

New Technology Features Inside the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas

When searching for a new vehicle, you may be inclined to purchase one filled with technology. With so many options available, having high-tech features support your daily drive could come in handy. If you’re in the Thousand Oaks area, you may be interested in the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas. At Neftin Volkswagen, we look into the model and investigate its new and recurring technology features.


Check Out the 2021 Volkswagen Video Walkaround

Monday, May 18th, 2020
A woman drinking from a cup next to a focused blue 2021 Volkswagen Atlas.

Get a Glimpse of the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas in This Video Walkaround

If you’re as curious as we are about the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas, you’re in luck. A video walkaround of the model has been released by Volkswagen! Check out the video below!


PARENTS Magazine Names Volkswagen Atlas a 2020 Best Family Car

Wednesday, April 15th, 2020
A blue 2020 Volkswagen Atlas driving down a city road.

Volkswagen Atlas Named as a 2020 Best Family Car by PARENTS Magazine

Hogging the spotlight isn’t so bad – especially when it comes to winning awards for three years running. For the third time in a row, PARENTS magazine named the Volkswagen Atlas a Best Family Cars of 2020 list. The model, which can be found at Neftin Volkswagen in the Thousand Oaks area, was given the “Best Value” award in the Three-Row SUVs section. Check out how it was viewed in three major sets of information, below:


What’s the Difference Between the 2020 Volkswagen Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport?

Tuesday, April 7th, 2020
A gray 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport driving down a road.

The Difference Between the 2020 Volkswagen Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport

When looking at newer Volkswagen models, you may have come across the all-new 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport. “But wait,” you may be thinking; “isn’t there already a 2020 VW Atlas?” While the answer is yes, there are some key differences between each model. We decided to take a closer look at Neftin Volkswagen in the Thousand Oaks area. See what we found out below!


How Much Can You Tow with the 2020 Volkswagen Atlas?

Tuesday, March 10th, 2020
A white 2020 Volkswagen Atlas driving down an open road.

What You Can Haul with a 2020 Volkswagen Atlas

With the spring and summer season coming fast, you may be starting to plan your next weekend getaway or family camping trips. With so many places to check out in the area, there’s always something to check out. But if you or your family enjoy the great outdoors, Neftin Volkswagen has an option for you. Built with performance and interior luxury, the 2020 Volkswagen Atlas can still give you the hauling capabilities for vacations or moving purposes. But how much can it tow? We at Neftin Volkswagen decided to check it out.


Why the 2020 Volkswagen Atlas is the Perfect Family SUV

Thursday, February 20th, 2020
2020 Volkswagen Atlas parked in a driveway

How Many Passengers Can Fit Inside the 2020 Volkswagen Atlas?

When browsing the market for a new vehicle, responsible shoppers need to consider not only their personal needs, but the needs of their passengers as well. That’s why many drivers, when looking at vehicles such as the 2020 Volkswagen Atlas, have plenty of questions. How many passengers can fit inside the 2020 Volkswagen Atlas? How much leg room does this SUV offer? We’ve answered these questions and more below.


Is the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas a Good Family Vehicle?

Thursday, January 30th, 2020
2019 Volkswagen Atlas parked on a driveway

How Many People Can the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas Seat?

Many SUV shoppers find themselves drawn to the 2019 Atlas. Is this SUV a good choice for drivers with families? How many people can the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas seat? There are many aspects of this SUV that families will appreciate, some of which we’ve explained in the blog post below. 


How Much Cargo can the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas Carry?

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019
2019 Volkswagen Atlas dashboard

2019 Volkswagen Atlas Standard & Maximum Cargo Capacity Ratings

In addition to seating the whole family, three-row SUVs are also great vehicles for carrying large amounts of cargo. SUV shoppers looking to learn more about the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas standard and maximum cargo capacity ratings should continue reading. We have all the details about this SUV’s cargo storage capabilities down below. (more…)

What multimedia and technology features are included in the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas?

Monday, July 15th, 2019
2019 Volkswagen Atlas driving down road

2019 Volkswagen Atlas Multimedia and Technology Features

The Volkswagen Atlas was originally released in 2018. It has been successfully sold as an SUV for the family and a vehicle that is practical for everyday use. The Volkswagen Atlas has always led the way with its technology features. What are the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas multimedia and technology features? Keep reading to learn more! (more…)