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2018 Volkswagen Golf safety features

When it comes to vehicles, safety should be everyone’s number one concern. No matter what car you drive, there is potential for danger. Any time you are controlling a giant piece of metal going 65 miles per hour, there are bound to be safety concerns. Luckily, modern technology and engineering have made vehicles safer than ever before. Volkswagen is one of the leaders in safety technology, so keep reading to see how the 2018 Volkswagen Golf is designed to keep you safe and secure behind the wheel.

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How safe is the 2018 Volkswagen Golf? 

That is a smart, fair question to ask about any vehicle, especially a compact one such as the Golf. The Golf, given its size, is one of the safest vehicles in the VW lineup and in its entire class. Let us explain why. 

NHTSA safety rating 

The Golf has received numerous accolades for its safety performance, and perhaps none are more impressive than its five-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It doesn’t get a whole lot more prestigious than that. The following features contributed to the Golf’s top-notch rating. 

Safety cage 

Every new Golf model has an all-steel skeleton beneath the body. This frame is specifically designed to absorb and disperse energy in the event of a collision. Front and rear crumple zones take in the force that would otherwise be felt by those occupying the car’s cabin. 

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Intelligent Crash Response System 

As another crash-preparedness feature, this system will automatically unlock the Golf’s doors, activate the hazards, and deploy all necessary airbags if a collision occurs. Though we hope this system is never needed, it is an extraordinary security blanket. 

Automatic braking 

All too often, we see drivers struggle to come to a stop after an initial collision. Automatic post-collision braking eliminates that added danger. The braking system senses when contact with another vehicle has been made and puts a stop to the Golf to avoid any additional damage. See the diagram below for a visual.

volkswagen golf safety diagram

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