Learn How to Shift in Volkswagen Tiptronic Mode for Great Driving Control

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and Tricks on Monday, October 5th, 2015 at 3:01 pm
How to Shift Using Volkswagen Tiptronic Mode

How to Shift Using Volkswagen Tiptronic Mode

If your Volkswagen is equipped with a dual-clutch, or DSG, transmission, then you have freedom available to you that would not be offered by a traditional manual or automatic transmission. With DSG transmission, you can drive freely without having to worry about shifting gears or you can take more control of your drive by entering the transmission into manual shift mode, or Tiptronic mode. Learning how to shift using Volkswagen Tiptronic mode is easy, and it will likely become a feature of your Volkswagen you will want to use often.

If your vehicle has Volkswagen’s DSG transmission with Tiptronic mode capabilities, then let us show you how the shifting works. Learn the steps below and then take this knowledge to the road to take command of your driving experience.

How to Shift Using Volkswagen Tiptronic Mode benefits of using Volkswagen Tiptronic modeBegin by putting the vehicle in Drive, and then enter Tiptronic mode by tilting the shift lever to the right. Note that the gear you are currently in will be displayed in the instrument cluster, in the upper right-hand corner. Once in Tiptronic mode, there are two ways to shift:

  1. Shift Using the Shift Lever: To shift into a higher gear, push the shifter forward. To shift into a lower gear, pull it backward.
  2. Shift Using the Paddle Shifters: Vehicles with paddle shifter make shifting in Tiptronic mode even easier. Tap the right paddle toward you to shift into a higher gear and tip the left paddle toward you to shift into a lower gear.

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Benefits of Volkswagen Tiptronic Mode

The benefits of Volkswagen’s Tiptronic mode, as opposed to a fully automatic or manual transmission, is that you kind of get the best of both worlds. You can take control with manual shifting when needed or enjoy effortless driving with automatic transmission operation. Also, while in Tiptronic mode, if you fail to shift before critical engine speed, the DSG transmission can shift for you automatically. Therefore, you can have more peace of mind and enjoy your drive just the way you want.

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Now that you know how to shift using Volkswagen Tiptronic mode, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Neftin Volkswagen with any questions. So get out there and start enjoy the benefits of Volkswagen’s Tiptronic mode.

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